Sunday, January 17, 2010

Phipps Conservatory

Went to Phipps yesterday with Sarah. I had forgotten what a great place it is. Big enough to have some variety but small enough that we were through it before we got too saturated. There was also some work by a glass artists named Hans Godo Frabel. I love his glass vessels
I took lots of photos and when we got back and I started to move them from my phone to my computer, Sarah showed me how to open the files so that I could edit them in all different ways. Lots of fun. In addition to Frabel's work, I took photos of beautiful plants and some of Chihuly's glass art too.

The building itself is really very pretty:

These are just a few of the masks that were displayed in the entry:

Here are some other pieces that were scattered throughout:

They have some amazing permanent installations of Chihuly glass:

And now for the plants:

The orchids were the purtiest. 

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