Monday, May 24, 2010

What happened while I was gone?!

I leave for 4 days and all of a sudden the Midwest has been miraculously transported to the surface of the sun? I can't believe how hot it is here. Jeez. I got to my car at the airport and it was an oven. I had left a little bottle of lotion in there before going into the airport because I wasn't sure if they'd catch it at security. Apparently, the bottle had melted a little and the top must have exploded off. Luckily, there wasn't lotion squirted all over everything - for some reason. The little plastic covers I have on the top of two of my keys literally melted together. We really only have two seasons here, I guess. Winter and summer. Fall lasts about 2 days and Spring lasts about 2 days so I won't count them. Got to my apartment and it was a sauna. It's cooling down finally. Thank god for air conditioning!! I'm a heat wimp.

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  1. ugh, me too! i was liking the cooler weather because it seemed like we did have a bit of a spring there for awhile!