Monday, August 23, 2010

Things Can Only Get Better, Right?

Not a very good start to the day. 

I found this floating in the toilet of my guest bathroom.

House centipedes creep me out almost more than any spider or insect or mouse. I can't stand how fast they run and how many legs they have. Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. This is the second one I've found in the past few days. The other one had somehow gotten its head stuck in one of the little holes in the drain in my shower and couldn't get out. A friend of mine told me any time there's a head stuck in something, I should call the emergency people. I wish I would have. I won't describe what happened when I used a tissue to try to pull it out. You do not want to know. 

After I felt extreme guilt for seeing the critter frantically wave its legs around in the water as it was sucked into oblivion, I got out to my car and saw that I had an almost flat tire. Went to the shop and waited one and a half hours for my tire to be fixed! I had a nail in one tire and another was "leaking at the bead" whatever that means. Sounds uncomfortable...The good news is that they didn't charge me anything!

The rest of the day isn't too threatening but I'm cranky, bitter and angry so think twice if you wanted to get in touch with me today. I know normally I'm a sweetheart (I AM!) but right now I'm trying to stay out of people's way when I can. Luckily, I'm almost always able to dig up some empathy for my clients. Us common human beings, though, not so sure. I'm probably worse to myself than anyone else, though, so take heart. I guess I can identify with the house centipede as the funnel of water sucked it into an unknown future. I just wish I knew who was doing the flushing!! I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow....or the next day...or...  

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