Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More pictures

I'm still settling into my new place. Good days and not so good days but mostly all right! I just wanted to post a few more pictures.

Here's what my place looks like when I wake up in the morning:

When there's more light, I can see these wall tattoos.

A friend of mine sent me a gift certificate to Target (a temporary apartment dweller's best friend). You'll see another wall tattoo I got with the same certificate. Pretty, huh? No nails and I could move them around as much as I wanted which was helpful because I didn't have a tape measure or anything to help line them up! They're soothing to me and they go perfectly in my bedroom. 

After I get up in the morning, I stumble to the bathroom and am greeted by Sedna. This is a sculpture I got when Geoff and I were on our honeymoon in Quebec. It's carved by an Innuit artist.

Again, from quick and dirty wikipedia:
According to one myth, Sedna, similar to a mermaid, was the daughter of the creator-god Anguta. She is said to have been so huge and hungry that she ate everything in her parents' home, and even gnawed off one of her father's arms as he slept. According to some versions of the myth, she took a dog for her husband.
Anguta was so angry that he threw her over the side of his kayak. She clung to its sides, whereupon he chopped her fingers off one by one until she let go. She sank to the underworld, becoming the ruler of the monsters of the deep, and her huge fingers became the seals, walrus and whales hunted by the Inuit.

So...I took Sedna as a role model and she inspires me every morning to eat more, keep company with dogs, and make my father so angry, he throws me over the side of the kayak and cuts off my fingers. Check, check, and check. 

Once I've accomplished these morning tasks, I move on into the kitchen. (I didn't show you the bathroom because I think I need to be 60 or 70 before I start including posts about my visits to the bathroom -- frequency, nature, level of frustration...that sort of thing.) As you can see, it's a galley kitchen. Nothing to write home about but functional. Worst part -- electric stove. Best part -- ice maker in the freezer. Yay!
Once I'm done in the kitchen getting my coffee, I usually go to the gym and then come home to get ready for work. I'd put pictures of my newly configured bedroom here but that just seems boring. Just the usual...getting showered and dressed and ready for work. I can say that the apartment has ample closet space. Not that I fill it up with my glamorous wardrobe but it is nice to know I could have a much larger wardrobe if I were able to or wanted to.

I have no idea what my apartment looks like when I'm at work. Maybe the pots and pans have a party; maybe Sedna goes into the fridge and eats whatever she wants; maybe my coasters and Carol's coasters get it on; maybe the dish runs away with the spoon. Who knows? 

By the time I get home, they've all settled down and I get some dinner. Initially, I was eating frozen dinners -- delicious Amy's Southwest Style Chicken. Doesn't that look mouth watering?! I know you want some.
More recently, I actually went real grocery shopping for the first time since I moved in and am cooking better dinners for myself. Oh, yeah, I guess you can see that I put my jammies on before dinner sometimes. I might also watch some TV. I was obviously watching Bones because that's Lance Sweets, the Psychologist on the show, talking to the ever so attractive Agent Booth.
You can see how lovely the wall where the tv is. I'd like to paint something abstract on the wall but I need to find out if the rental company will care. It's a HUGE wall and I just don't know what else to do with it. 

I had dinner in the dining room for the first time on Monday. Geoff had gotten back from Mexico on Sunday so he came over and I cooked. I made something called Eggplant Penne Pasta which calls for smoked mozzarella cheese. Now if you saw this:
in the grocery store refrigerator case would you say, "There's that smoked mozzarella I've been looking for!" I asked one of the deli workers if they had any and she picked this up and handed it to me. As she walked away, I said "This isn't mozzarella, it's a hot dog wrapped in bread." She assured me that it was mozzarella and that the "hot dog" was where it had been smoked. She was right. I was slightly embarrassed at my ignorance. I've never seen mozzarella that looks like this, though.

So...we ate in the dining room and that was my first meal there. 

You can't see it well but the art on the wall is an abstract dandelion in bright, bright purple. Norma got that for me as a housewarming gift when we were at Pier I last weekend.

One evening, I made a fire. It's really great to have a nice fireplace to use. I'll probably be home a lot this weekend and I think I'll make a fire and watch the superbowl. I hope it's blustery and snowy outside so I can feel warm and cozy.
Sometime after I took the picture with the fire in the fireplace, I got the wall tattoos I mentioned earlier. Here's the second one. I hope it's not too stark. I just liked that it was different and interesting. Maybe the starkness appealed to me...? It's kind of hard to see in this picture. I think if you click on it, you'll get a larger image with more detail.
Finally, at the end of the day, it's time for a midnight snack. Here's what the kitchen looks like when I'm going in from the living room.
That banana is black now and starting to smell. I think it's time for banana walnut bread! This concludes the tour of my new home. I hope you will come visit me to see it in person.

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