Thursday, February 25, 2010


It's cold out there!! I told Norma I thought it would be warm enough to go for a walk outside today. What was I thinking?! I did the walk but it's only 30 degrees. No hat or ear muffs or anything. I was fine until I turned around to walk back to my office and I got an arctic blast in my face. I think it's frozen in place now -- you know, when you've been in the cold a long time and it feels like you can't even smile because your face is about 3 inches thicker than it was when you went out into the cold? I think I was delusional because I'm so sick of this cold, dreary weather. Every single year, I forget this happens. 
  It does feel good to be in my office and warm again and I saw some blue sky peeking out. Imagine the time millions of years ago when people really didn't know that the weather was seasonal and thought winter might last forever.

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