Friday, June 25, 2010

Wood Type

I don't feel like writing much so I'm just going to let the pictures and captions speak for themselves and say that the weekend was a blast, the people were great and I felt very rejuvenated after the trip!!

Stayed at the Lighthouse Inn (very kitschy).
At Hamilton Wood Type Museum.

Ink for printing. 

Artist at work!


  1. You look so happy! Looks like fun - I want to go next time.

  2. That looks like so much fun! I want to hear more about your visit there. How many posters did you make? I love the one you're holding up. What a great phrase to use, too. The picture feels like you've been doing that kind of work for years! I tried to sign up for this workshop through AIGA, but it was sold out in a day. They said they'd be scheduling more.

  3. I WAS happy! It was a really good time. I looked at the workshop pictures from Pgh and they're using a different kind of letter press than we did. Looks like they put the ink on the drum and we just rolled it onto the letters. The drum looks like it would be easier/better. I guess we'll have to find a time for both of us to go! Maybe all three of us could do something like that around our 50th (in 20 years, I mean).