Thursday, July 1, 2010

Limbo Land

Interview at Boston College on Thursday, July 8th! Please send good vibes to me...I'm a little weird in that I've always kind of enjoyed interviewing. I get to meet new people, see how other places work, and put out all the best parts of me (until they ask the dreaded question about what my weakness are -- is it ok to say that my biggest weakness is that I just don't have any weaknesses so I feel different from everyone else? :-) 

Everything's in limbo - the lease on the apartment I'm in ends on July 15th. The lease on the new apartment starts on July 12th. With some cajoling, I got the rental company to extend my lease on this one but then realized that if I do get an offer and take it, the job wouldn't even start til mid to late August so I'd have to move before then anyway! $500 to pay a company to lug my earthly belongings from one 3rd floor walk up to another. I guess life just happens that way, huh? I just feel too old to be lugging heavy boxes and furniture all over the place these days. I'll willingly pay for someone else to do it. Plus the economy gets stimulated, right?

I've started to tell my clients that I might not be here in the fall. It's awkward because that starts to get into some other things (e.g., some of them know I'm married so wonder about that which means I have to decide what to tell them about the divorce if anything). Interestingly, only one client has asked about me not wearing my wedding ring anymore. I have no idea how many have noticed and not said anything. 

There are also some people I've worked with for years and see pro bono which leaves them in a difficult position if I leave. Not many therapists do pro bono work even though it's in our ethics code to do so. Telling clients about it is also making it a more real possibility for me. I don't want to get overly confident about getting the job either, though! Can you say ambiguity?! One of my least favorite things. 

Mostly, I feel good and excited about the opportunity to interview, though. Given this economy and that the job is in desirable Boston, I'm quite fortunate. Besides that, the weather has finally improved and it's gorgeous here. No AC, low humidity, sunny. Perfect! I think we'll be able to see the fourth of July fireworks from my balcony -- they set them off at the community college which is just down the road from me. So...I guess there's a lot for me to enjoy these days. 

Best of all -- 14 days til the beach! Yay!!!!

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  1. It always seems like things will never fall into place, but they always do. The main thing now is to focus on the job - get prepared, make sure you like them, because I'm sure they'll like you. Then you can worry about the details. It will be a rough summer, but exciting too!