Friday, April 23, 2010

Good-Bye to Silver St.

Well, today we went to sign the contract to sell our house. I'm absolutely in shock. I have mixed feelings, of course, but mostly, it feels good to know we won't be waiting for months or years to sell. I think the fact that we maintained it so well over the years mostly because of Geoff and because of my amazing design and decorating abilities :-) our house showed pretty well. Or, maybe we just listed it at the right time and the right buyers happened to be looking at the right time. 
 Geoff saw the family when they first looked at the house and he recognized them from the UU church. At least we know they probably won't be putting Chief Illiniwek memorabilia in the yard and if their kids are gay or date someone from a different culture, they'll probably have a safe haven in the home. 
 All the pieces of our life together continue to fall away one at a time. It's less devastating than it was but every time is still like a punch in the stomach. I have to remember that it's for the best. We'll both be happier.


  1. That's bound to be hard - it's a very real step away from the life you had. A house is such a symbol of family and relationships. I always had trouble thinking about the people who bought our houses - how dare they think they can come in and live here!! And change the paint and carpet!!! But I know this particular house sale is much more difficult - it sort of seems like it's a very definite and concrete event in a chain of events. A big event. So, I'll be thinking of you as you sort it all out. Love you!

  2. Oh, and I forgot to tell you - I looked at your house on It looked really good! No wonder it sold so fast!

  3. Lisa, you write the BEST comments on my blog. :-) I think I'm almost just writing this for you because I can't wait to get your responses! They're so supportive and validating (and sometimes challenging which is great!). Thanks, sis...Love you too.