Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wicked Good Trip

Maddy and I flew into Boston yesterday and drove two hours to Amherst, Massachusetts. The travel was smooth and we slept like logs last night. Today we had beautiful, beautiful weather for our tour of UMass-Amherst. I made her let me take a picture before the tour:

     It seems like it would be a great place for Maddy to go to college. She took the initiative before the visit to contact the head of the Food Science program here so we were able to meet with her for half an hour or so and get a tour of their labs. She was very accessible and talked about the options Maddy would have here. Through the meeting with her, I realized how much science there is in Food Science! She was talking about emulsions, microbial transport, and a bunch of other phrases we didn't understand. 
     This evening we drove to Northhampton which is about 6 miles away. Did some window shopping and then had a delicious dinner. Our table looked out on one of the streets so we did lots of people watching. We were both tired so we enjoyed just staying above it all and watching people going about their days. The mocha custard and chocolate cream pie we had for dessert didn't hurt either. It's been great to spend time with Maddy. She's a pretty awesome person! 
   By the way, for those of you who didn't know it, people from this area use the word "wicked" in place of the word "really" sometimes. So...we are having a wicked good trip. 
     I'm back to Boston tomorrow and will drop Maddy off in Providence on my way (well it's kind of out of my way) so she can visit her friends. She'll take the train back to Boston on Saturday with them to hang out there for the day. Then we'll head back home on Sunday. Let's hope the travel and weather gods will continue to smile on us!

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