Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aerobics on Steroids

Ok. So how many of you remember old school aerobics? The lycra tights and leotards. The leg warms and high top Reeboks with the Velcro fasteners. So cool. It looked something like this.

Well, today, I had the opportunity to do aerobics on steroids! I went to a Zumba class at my gym and it looked something like this (I'm the woman in the back in black; do you like my weave?). If you watch it, get past the first little warm up part. That was tame compared to what the instructor in class today did!! It was a lot of fun and somewhat embarrassing. I did a little better than I would have expected with my old body and 80's moves. I think one of my butt cheeks flew up and hit the woman dancing next to me in the face at one point but she was very gracious about it. 

I'm thinking about writing that show that films things and then shows them in slow motion to understand the physics of moving objects. I think it's called Time Warp. This exercise class involved a lot of hip shaking -- fast, slow, in between. It would be very interesting (funny? gross?) to see just what my body was doing when it got to the farthest point when I was shaking my hip in one direction and then shook it quickly in the opposite direction. 

Despite the frightening physics of my body for that hour, it was really pretty fun! I'll just have to keep going so I can keep up with the shaking, moving, cha-cha-ing, salsa-ing and hip hopping that was going on. It feels good to really be back in my body again. Hello, body, remember me?    

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  1. Uh, I don't know if you really want to see all that in slow motion. But, I admire that you're doing it! I used to do Jazzercise, and while I felt like an idiot most of the time, it was fun. Keep it up - it's good for you!!