Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm an Arteest

I've been having a lot of fun letting my artistic side come out lately. I showed the mandalas I'm planning on painting for my bedroom wall in a previous post. I just finished one of them today! Ta-daaaaaaa. 

One down, 5 to go. I enjoyed putting these together so much that I designed three more for the living room to fill that big bare wall. Here's what those will look like (photoshopped them into a picture of my living room wall). I went online and looked up silk screened wallpaper and found some really great designs. The ones below are based on some of the samples I saw online. The possibilities are endless. And it's really not that hard. Much less expensive than buying artwork and more unique too! These are available for purchase for the small sum of $5000 each. Who can put a price on artistic genius?

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