Thursday, March 18, 2010


I'm so tired of the elliptical trainer at my gym. I hope to join a gym closer to my apartment that also has classes. They have classes like Caribbean Fusion, Zumba and BodyJam. They're dance-based aerobics classes and I think they sound like fun! May help me step out of the 80's dance style I still have. :-) Anyway...until I'm able to get into that groove, and probably after I'm grooving, I really like taking walks from work.
     This park is on my favorite route and I've always liked the curvy sidewalk. On this particular overcast, dreary day, it made me think of the way my life's been lately. Lots of twists and turns but always moving in the same direction. That's a good thing!
Today -- much sunnier -- I saw my first dwarf Irises of the season. The Siberian Iris is one of my favorite flowers (I don't like the bearded ones) and dwarf Irises are just a cuter version of those. I took these on my walk today. The one with the three flowers made me think of me and my two sisters. That reminded me of how our father used to refer to us as Ruby, Pearl and Sapphire. I can't remember who was which but I think he did cherish us in his way when we were little. The second photo is of some that seemed like a weird green-purple color. Hadn't seen that before. The last ones look like little angels with their wings ready for flight. I loved seeing these on my walk...

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