Friday, March 19, 2010

Third Time Wasn't Charm follow up on the birthday cake saga. I ended up making the cake when I got to the house and while Maddy and Geoff were working on dinner. The good news is that the cake didn't burn and we had a really nice birthday dinner with Maddy. The funny news is that the cake wouldn't bake through! I've never had this much trouble getting a cake baked. We ate it in its state of cake on the outside/pudding on the inside. As far as I know, none of us got sick so I guess the eggs weren't contaminated with salmonella. It tasted good. Maddy blew out all the candles and I managed to get a fuzzy picture of it. 
What's really funny is that the cake was still hot when we ate it and it actually melted the bottom of the candles. Check it out! They look kind of obscene...I'm so glad the weekend's almost here...Phew!

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