Monday, July 26, 2010

Boston Will Have to Wait (Again)

Well...I just got word that the Boston position was offered to someone else. :-(  and :-)   I'm sad but also relieved to know which direction I'll be taking now. I'm sure it will take a few weeks to grieve and to adjust but it's all good! It was an unexpected opportunity anyway. I'm trusting the process.

I hope to get some more specific feedback when the person I worked most closely with during the interview process gets back from vacation. I'll keep my eyes open for other opportunities in Boston in the future. For at least a year or two, though, I'll stay put, try to re-invigorate my practice so I can afford health insurance, take Graphic Design classes at Parkland, and keep working on my "issues." 

I get to take Maddy to college when she starts in the fall. I get to unpack, knowing that I won't be packing up again in a month. I'm glad to be staying close to friends and family who supported me through the process. Thanks to all of you.

What will I write about in my blog now?!

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  1. I can imagine your mixed feelings, but I really do understand the relief. Now you know what you need to do, and you can do it. You can enjoy setting up your new apartment, and taking Maddy to school. Probably better to not change too many things at once anyway - sometimes you have to do that, but if this is the way the chips are falling, then I say - enjoy it. Boston or Champaign, you'd still have to deal with many of the same "issues", and in Champaign you have a good support system.

    And who knows? Soon I may live as close a two hours away from you!