Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Scoop

OK, people, so here's the scoop. I got a call from Boston College today as expected but they threw me a curve ball! Now I'm in a narrowed pool of candidates. I thought I'd either be getting the thumbs up or thumbs down. A "short list" is what happens when you interview 9 people for 2 positions, I guess. 

Contrary to my read (I felt they were lukewarm about me), the woman who talked to me said they really enjoyed my interview and getting to know about my background. So...now I wait for another week to find out whether I will be offered a position. As I get older, these kinds of decisions feel much more difficult. I know that no position or town/city is perfect so I'm not seeking that magical new place that will take care of all my problems and fix everything in my life. A lot of it now just seems like figuring out the trade offs, coping with the losses and celebrating the gains regardless of the outcome. No fairy tales. That's a positive thing in it's own way but I miss the good old delusional days sometimes. 

I'm kind of glad to have a little more incubation time. I'll be trying not to let it overshadow my vacation next week. Who knows, being at the beach with my sisters might put me in a good, relaxed place to sort through it all. Feel free to share your input...

Thank you for all the support you've given me! 

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  1. Oh boy, don't I know that "hanging" feeling or what??? Thanks for keeping me informed and best of luck! The right thing will always happen even without our knowledge. Thinking of you!