Monday, July 12, 2010

Didn't I Just Do This?! Blah.

I'm getting ready to move again. Moving is emotionally and physically exhausting to me. It feels overwhelming and it shouldn't because I did just do this so I have lots of things that are still in boxes. I think adding the fact that there's so much going on is making me feel like I'm in a pressure cooker. I know, I know, nothing can make me feel anything. It's all about how I choose to respond. Blah, blah, blah. Whatever. 
  • I just got back from Boston yesterday and have this job possibility hanging over my head. I'm feeling more and more that I probably won't get an offer but that could just be my weird distortions. If I do get an offer, I don't know how I can turn it down but I also will miss my friends and family here.
  • I'm supposed to have furniture delivered this Thursday but I don't really have any open time because...
  • I have a full caseload of clients since I was out last week and will be out next week.
  • I will be leaving again Friday so somehow have to sort through all the boxes and bags to find what I'll need to pack for a week away.
When I was younger, it seemed like there were at least a dozen people I could ask to help me move. Now, it feels like people are so busy with their own lives or their bodies, like mine, are busy decaying so they can hardly move one box much less a whole household of boxes. People just don't seem to be there as much as they used to be with a few exceptions. I feel a little lonely and on my own which, if I'm honest, I really am. It's only me now. Well, me and the movers I'm going to pay a fortune to carry boxes for me.

On Friday evening when I'm sitting in Atlantic City with my sisters and brother-in-law relaxing and hanging out, this will all be behind me. I'll try to respond in a positive resourceful way to all of the stressors this week. It will work out. What's the alternative, right? Now I'm off to pack some more boxes!

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  1. Oh!!! I wish I was there to help you!! Just keep plugging away, and one way or the other, it will all be over and we'll be sitting on the beach doing absolutely nothing. I can't wait!

    BTW, you are a good blogger. I can never think of anything new to say. That's one positive spin on your life right now - you have so much going on you'll never run out of things to write about! LOL - see you in a few days!