Friday, July 23, 2010

Time to Go Home

I'm feeling very sad about leaving Cape May. Partly because it's been such a relaxing, therapeutic vacation with people I enjoy and partly because I know that at least some of the time after I leave, I'll be facing loneliness again. It's a hard time for that but I know it's also healthy for me to face it and move into it rather than avoid it and run from it. Moving into "the shadow." It's just a tough transition.

Still no word from Boston. I'll likely call later this afternoon to check on the status of the search. Not real happy about the delay. That's the way it goes, though. 

Cape May is a difficult place for impulse shoppers like me. One of my favorite finds was in a shop I love. There were dozens of these little charms to choose from. The company that makes them is called Pick Up Sticks. I chose carefully the words I'd like to inspire me and reflect who I am these days. The words I picked are: brave, true, and free spirit. 

I know I should have gotten the "smarty pants" one but I just didn't have enough money. I love wearing them around my neck, touching them occasionally to bring myself back to these qualities. There was another one I liked a lot (pictured below) but, again, decided to edit and keep it simple! Very funny. That may be more my old self. At least I hope I'm less imperious than I used to be...
I hope in the next post to have news about Boston. I'm ready to move on.

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