Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Laughing at Myself

The people who have visited me here at my new place or who helped me move have heard me say more than once "Does this place smell like cat piss to you?" or "Man, this place smells like cat piss." or "Do you think I should have them clean the carpets again to get rid of the smell of cat piss?" No one else could smell it. In their infinite kindness and patience, they said "It just smells like new apartment to me." or "I'm sure once you get moved in whatever you're smelling will go away" or "I'm sure you could talk to them about cleaning the carpet again."

Well, last night, after I heard about not getting the Boston job, I finally brought myself to do some serious unpacking. Know what I found? Corn cobs. That's the cat piss I was smelling. I just cracked myself up.

Geoff had given me some home grown corn on the cobb that someone had given to him. I'd had it in the kitchen right when I was moving so I put the plastic produce bag holding the cobbs in some box or bucket or something believing that I'd remember to take it out right away. Well, two weeks later, it was nicely fermented in the bag. I guess that makes sense since both fermented grains and cat piss have a certain amount of alcohol in them, don't they? I'm not sure. I came back from working out this morning and, having removed the offending cobs, my apartment did just smell like new apartment.

I'm sharing this story in case you're ever in the position of moving with corn cobbs or if you think your place smells like cat piss. I'm sort of a public servant that way. I sincerely hope it helps you or someone you love.

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  1. That's too funny! At least I could always blame the packers for that kind of stuff - like the potatoes that sat in a box in storage for the whole month of July (stinky!), and the time they packed a trash can with trash still in it! So glad your apartment doesn't smell bad anymore!