Thursday, July 22, 2010

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No word about Boston, yet. Not sure what's up with that but I'm resolved to either outcome. I've done this enough to know that not hearing yet doesn't necessarily mean anything but I'd like to have things resolved so I know what's going on in the next phase of my life! 

In the meantime, vacation in Cape May has been wonderful. I fly home tomorrow so I'm squeezing all the enjoyment I can out of the last day. Here are a few pix. I've been so relaxed, I haven't even been much of a shutterbug. Today, we went on an African American Heritage walking tour of Cape May. Very interesting and informative. We had great tour guides who shared some personal stories. 

Unfortunately, over the years, Cape May has suffered a huge drain of blacks out of the city. Both because many have been priced out of the area (along with many whites) and because there are simply not enough jobs to keep them here. In addition, many of the African American residents early on came as servants to the wealthy white families who vacationed here from Philadelphia. My guess is that as civil rights improved, fewer people were employed in this way and pursued life in places with more opportunities. Clearly, there's a lot more for me to learn about!

In the 1940's, the population of Cape May was 30% African American with a vibrant, active community. Today, the numbers have reduced to about 3%. There seem to be very few black tourists as well, probably for both financial and cultural reasons.  

Here's where I'm staying -- brother-in-law's parents' beach house - very nice. Other photos are of some of the Victorian style architecture.  

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